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Great absorption!

This is a great serum! I have a very dry skin, appears very effective for people with dry skin. My skin is pretty sensitive and this one does not irritate my skin, so that's a big plus for me. The consistency is perfect making it very easy to apply. Decently strong scent it has, which doesn't bother me much but might to someone who is sensitive to scent It absorbs so good and keeps it very well moisturized for quite some time. Dropper that it comes with makes it slightly easy to apply. Price is the only drawback for me. Wish it wasn't as expensive.

Molly T
Hydrating and absorbs well

I’ve used this daily for over a month and have gone through 2/3 the bottle. It’s been lovely! It goes easily onto the skin and absorbs quickly. It does feel slightly viscous and sticky at first, but that goes away after massaging it into the skin. It doesn’t have an odor in my opinion, which makes it easy to layer with other facial products. And my skin seems to have loved it, not causing any irritation or breakout but making my skin feel hydrated, smooth and happy. Overall it’s been a really nice addition to my facial routine.

Rick L
Pleasant smell, no sting

My girlfriend has been using this on her face for about a month. The smell is pleasant, and the serum doesn't burn or sting at all. Has made a small improvement in fine lines and slight discoloration.

This stuff is Superb!

*Disclaimer: Use at night if you sunburn.*

I wasn't sure how good this would be, but boy, oh-boy! I'm so happy I tried it! Not only is my skin softer, but my blemishes definitely diminished with regular daily use. It's almost fragrance free, but it feels Great.

I would say this is for night use only, I used it one day before heading out to run an errand, I was in the sun Maybe 5-10 minutes total, and my nose burned. It peeled quickly, but don't make my mistake.

Good seepage

Fixed problems with my dry and wrinkled face especially after a night out. Works well and only needs a little to get hydration back in