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Glides on, very nourishing serum

I have quite a few similar serums and like this one a lot. It glides on very smoothly and is immediately absorbed, no greasy feel or residue. A product like this needs some time to show it's benefits; I used this exclusively once a day, at night, and did notice a healthier appearance to my skin and slight reduction in pore appearance on my nose. Works well in combo with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizers.

SCENT: Very fresh. I like the scent a lot, and the way I'm going to describe the scent will sound funny, but to me it smells like that "new car" scent, or the fresh specific smell when walking into a tire store. It's fresh and clean, without any floral. Scent goes away almost immediately.

Softens the skin!

Clear serum. Skin feel soft after using. Has a slight scent.

No scent and caused no irritation

Some retinol products can really irritate the skin. My wife reports that this product caused no irritation and she likes the fact that it has no heavy scent. It is made in Australia and the product carries the company address and website. That is reassuring should you need to contact the company.

Effective but sensitive skin is hesitant

This serum is very lightweight and absorbs into my skin like a dream. The scent is a bit strong for me but thankfully, there is no “fragrance” ingredient, leading me to believe that the scent is naturally derived. I have sensitive, combo skin and I can't use this serum often. Many times, retinol can be irritating to my skin, and this product seems to do that. I find that if I start out using it one to two times a week and build up, my skin takes it better. I like the brand, the consistency is great, and I look forward to keep using the product to see the long-term effects.

Wonderful results

I have age spots, discoloration, and crepey skin. I used the serum day and night, not expecting to see immediate results; however, after just a few days, my lines appeared smoother and my skin brighter. I experienced zero reactions to the formula, but I don’t have sensitive skin. I will continue using it due to the incredible results.