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works great

this makes my skin feel amazing. it smells good and i truly notice a difference. i would recommend this

Alice M.
Products like this take time

This product has a thin viscosity. Some say the thinner viscosity absorbs into the skin quicker than a tho k serum. I find this product absorbs well and hydrates as I hoped it would. I think the price is fair. I like the brightening agent as my skin takes well to that.

J. D. Robinson
Clean Serum, Derm Recommended Ingredients

I was excited to try this serum after looking at the description. The three primary ingredients (Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000) come highly recommended by my dermatologist for anti-aging benefits. I will say that I did find this to work well and it did not have any negative side effects either.

The serum itself is a thick but watery formula that quickly and easily absorbs into skin with no residual feeling other than hydration. It wears well with all of my other creams, serums, and cosmetics. It does not flake or pill. It has no discernable fragrance or scent. The dropper works effectively.

I am 40+ years old with fair sensitive skin that does not respond well to irritating ingredients. I have had no problems with this product and have been using it for several months now. It has not compromised my skin barrier (which is something I absolutely have to watch for), to the contrary, it feels like this supports and repairs my skin. This also does not cause breakouts for me, which is another concern I have with intense hydration products. This formula is clean and does not clog pores at all.

I am very pleased with this and see no reason why anyone should avoid it. It works well, is fairly priced, is easy to use, and is not irritating. 100% recommended!

Cathaleen Way
Great product

This is a very light product. It appears a little on the watery side but it absorbs very quickly into your skin without any after effects. I have not had an irritation or acme appear where I have been using it. My skin is hydrated and looks great compared to other areas. This version has a lot of ingredients that are good for healthy skin. If you're looking for something different or have had issues with the Retinol based version give this one a try. I don't think you'll regret it.

Like the formula

New brand for me and haven’t heard of them before but, saw they are based out of Australia. I was excited to try this. Serum arrived with plastic wrap around the original box. Text on the box is easy to read. I initially wanted to try this because of the Peptide/Matrixyl in the formula and I’m a fan of the formulation because this is packed with numerous NMFs, Lactic, amino acids and humectants. The ratio is well done in terms of being tolerable. For the Serum itself…it’s in a brown hued glass bottle that isn’t completely opaque, you can still see the liquid inside. Serum reaches to the top of the sticker, contains 1.05oz/30ml. Dispensing is done by a generic dropper that’s wide including the rounded tip. Bulb pulls easily, no issues with dispensing overall. Viscosity of the Serum is thin and runny with the water base. Aloe is barely noticeable until you start applying the Serum, glides along easily and you can feel a tiny bit of an Aloe undertone during this process. Pressing is also easily done if you would rather apply that way. No bothersome scent detected. Absorbs quickly without leaving being a tacky after-feel, skin feels smooth. As far as results it offers instant hydration with a slight moisturizing effect. With consistent use can definitely see this assisting with skin tone in general with uneven texture or blackheads/increased oil production. I personally used this at night and was able to layer thicker products afterwards (treatment ampoules, creams, sleep mask) with no issues. Would recommend for those who want something for consistent use that is gentle and allows for you to go at a slower pace that will not cause irritation like Retinol.